Jedi Mind Redemption

Today we spell redemption . . .


Like the Native son of the Bronx, New York,

Who Ran his heart out on a million different occasions

to go to friend’s houses, go to the ice cream truck, the bathroom at Oval Park,

It seems like he was only running backwards to Mom’s house,


Or was he running away? Ya don’t say!

Maybe he felt trapped all the time

at school, like a Catholic

and at home, BLAH BLAH BLAH

all the time. All the time. All the time.


So then it goes to show how the Bros really know

the Phi Iota Alpha is for all the lost land souls

who know how it is to say hermanO

and be misjudged on your heart and SOUUUULLLL.


Something like trill sounded pretty dope when drug talk

became the new normal of the dudes just chillin’

but at the end of the day I went to St. John’s University


Where Reverend RUN taught me in spirit

to say what I mean and mean what I say

yet at the end of the day I’m just that dude on the corner

spittin’ poetry of the top of the dome kind of like

how Jay-Z raps about respecting the women in his life


and how Kanye West is always mad about being

‘Little Brother Chi-town’ like Joe and Yo kinda sound the same to

a Trilingual’Homme like myself.


OHHHHHH bet you didn’t think I knew about the Frances life huh?

Well certain things happen when you play Rock music,

write about EDM, and have a very Rap constitution mentality.


Something like j’adore Paris rings true to me

but 1st and primero is ‘I Love New York’


It’s a real shame the way people think I can’t play

the Game like I have a pea brain or a dog’s name


But Yo, check this out, I bet you know less

about your Baby Brown or your white Aunt Tess


cause Aunties and Uncles are not more than a

Tia and a Tio, the same way all these languages in my head

make me clutch my mental and say ‘!Ay dios mio!’


It’s such a darn shame how brainwashed ya’ll think I aim

But I’m such a linguist yet I only have internet #fame


So it’s kind of like an emissary illusion. I have to make it real

So I can HEAL my own way. Not your way, my way. That is it.


Sike I’ll just say one last thing – RSM


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