Life is just screens

I, apologize in advance,

For, the health of your eyes and your hands,

Thumbs, are busy, they’re doing their dance,

On the dancefloor of our touchscreens, and,

The river of time has eroded the borders

when it wasn’t social, it wasn’t normal

to just stare at multiple screens everyday

with a record of what I type-browse-do-or-say!

Life is just screens, and digital records,

with so much detail, it just leaves me breathless.

Smart home assistants are listening in

and so is your phone, so sophisticat-ed.

Radio signals, LED lights,

gentrifying the air every night,

I don’t resist it, just keep in mind

the way that humans keep bending space and time.

Our bodies react, pupils retract,

Whatever you post on the internet, you can’t take back.

Convenient and fast,

built to cost you money, but never to last.

“Nowadays, tech is so great! World at our fingertips,”

or so they’re saying.

But upgrade your knowledge and just keep your guard up,

And don’t substitute something else for your brain. – RSM

Buzzer Beater

Running, running, running,

half a block down, I hear the train rumble through headphones blaring,

scaring, whizzing by old ladies, taking their grandkids to school,

my own backpack clapping against my spine as I fly down the hill,

up the stairs, MetroCard in hand, swipe it at the turnstyle,

turn a hard 90 degrees, I hear through the breeze rustling nearby trees:

“This is a Manhattan bound 2 train, the next stop is-”

jumping upstairs 2 by 2 with toward the 2 train the 2 doors closing I reach the platform,

and race for the doorway, like my feet haven’t met enough of the floor today.

Ding-doong. Already warned to stand clear, I throw my body into the open space, and just

barely beat the closing doors, as they seal shut on the first try, and into the sunrise and

working day, the barely open eyes of mine and fellow train passengers ride. -RSM

Fall Back, Spring Forward

So the time for rhyme has climbed through the grime

of despair and clarity has shone through the calamity,

singing and dancing along the streets and the beach

means Summer’s on the way and it’s here to stay, but

a personal war cannot be forgotten, a powerful enemy

slain and put in chains, making every blooming flower

a sweet reminder of a personal victory so fervently fought for.

What a horrible Fall, only to Spring back up after a long hibernation.

All is in order and the horizon has no sign of the sun setting, or letting

the demons of Autumn return to rule so unrighteously.

Frightful were those times, but they have since passed, and although left us weary,

leads me to heavily believe in the fruits of slingshot theory:

Hard times don’t mean the world is done,

couldn’t be further from the truth;

Hard times may hold you back for a time,

Only to spring you forward, into the sky, through the roof.

What Music Does To Me

A light string strummed on a cold day,

A percussive mastermind strikes

while sitting on the hard pavement.

A playlist on Spotify sets the tone

for the rest of the time that passes along

before the sun sets and the moon plays her song.


A band on stage captivates the crowd

as the young women flock to the forefront.

Moshers behind them let out their aggression

while the sound guy takes a drink to forget past transgressions.

A million minds in their own little world

as music activates their soul’s ear.


I sing, I dance, I play some myself

whenever I feel that time allows.

I yearn to float like a rain cloud that pours

so when I feel the music vibrating my bones

I spill my heart out on the people below.

When they feel my rain drops they will know

what music does to me.

The Breakfast Diet

There’s a new craze among young adults across the nation, but not necessarily throughout the world. It’s called ‘The Breakfast Diet,’ a food eating pattern where one has a meal within the first hour or so of waking up.

The word ‘breakfast’ is actually pronounced like ‘brekfist’ in English, which translates to the act of breaking a fast, or an overnight hunger strike, if you will. Scientists do not research the phenomenon, but scholars maintain that breakfast IS, in fact, the most important meal of the day. The Breakfast Diet is a great way to harness large amounts of life force energy for the day that lies ahead. Nutrients from foodstuffs consumed provide protection against evil spirits like fatigue and irritability.

There are many ways to enjoy trying the Breakfast Diet on, like a new pair of skinny jeans:

-By yourself in your home. This works great for introverts!

Man having breakfast alone

-With a loved one at a diner. Or a loved two or three . . . if you’re into that sort of thing.

Two Women Enjoying Hotel Breakfast

-At a fast food restaurant, although it may give you more of a stomach ache than peace of mind.

mcdonalds breakfasts


-At a Bed & Breakfast, a hotel-like location more popular in the ancient 1900s where breakfast is served and beds are supplied.

bed in breakfast

-At a hotel, which does the same thing as a Bed & Breakfast but is way more legit.

hotel breakfast


Believe it or not athletes around the world swear by breakfast, as well as other people who eat breakfast. You may not lose weight right away by trying the Breakfast Diet, but I do promise you from personal experience:

It feels wonderful to wake up, eat something you made yourself, and not spend the rest of the morning thinking ‘What the fuck is my life?’

Try the Breakfast Diet. It will take your fucks away. – RSM

Cigarettes on the Balcony

I sit in a chair suited for a poor king.

Jacket open, wind swirling about

as I light a cigarette and put it to my mouth.

Inhaling what’s no good for me, I ponder

why the pigeons change directions so abruptly

as they follow the wind currents, flying

unpredictably as the the air’s force coerces them.

A feeling of peace enters my nervous system

as I exhale into the sun. Free. Serene. Euphoric.

I look down at the streets below me and think of

how many tiny humans exist from here to Long Island.

How different and similar it would be to live somewhere else.

This little moment of clarity reminds me

that we all take smoke breaks here and there

and there’s no shame in it, even if you don’t smoke.

This overwhelming peaceful feeling

that invades my body like nature’s hippie bacteria

is nothing short of a miracle;

I let my body hang over the chair

and soak in the sun.

Contra La Corriente

Certain songs leave me paralyzed.

It’s not easy to relive childhood memories

when growing up is all that’s on your mind.

Singing along to Marc Anthony

was my reality across this living room

twenty years ago.

It’s on VHS tapes

that will never see the light of day

except for family gatherings

of rarity and importance.

I exist as I always have, yet

so much has happened since

I was in diapers.

My life has seen many a happening.

throughout this experience I’ve danced,

sang, laughed and lived too many times

to not say it all brings me back to my origins:

Salsa music, the living room

where I’ve always lived

now a beautiful collection of framed pictures

each recanting memories of sonrisas y bailar

and trips to places I never thought I would go.

I don’t know how to fail because

all is never lost if I can smile

through all the personal tragedy.

I was born to laugh

and trained to work hard;

a combination that left other

dancers in the dust.

Be it plaques on the wall

or lighting up the eyes of others,

I live to be happy.

Of all the hard times, accomplishments and

memories for better or worse

the smiles resonate so radiantly

and I am proud of who I am. – RSM

On ‘Adult World’

As I watch other poets

retell their fake lives

on this nightmarish eve that falls

a strange sense of jealousy comes over me.

Am I living mine or giving mine to them?

As Ms. Roberts goes on her own journey.


Good gone bad gone bored gone to be mystified

by the hypnosis machine of old.

How awkward things have gotten in the realm of Ms. Roberts.

I love it. Tres adventurous. She just puked. – RSM


As my crooked jaw line clicks into place

I hear the ambient sounds of the air propelled

from my netbook into my eardrums.

I press and switch away on the keyboard

to combat boredom hand-to-hand.

A serenity-ridden, guilt-stripped night

where I have thus far achieved my ultimate goal.

Rewinding time is as impossible as it sounds,

even memories get distorted.

Late is better than not at all to right wrongs

and improve on self-perceived imperfections.

Xes not on my mind for once, seY I’m a mirror

Of what I’m used to being lately; calm, cool,

collected my thoughts and placed them in order.

Does that make me the same? Different?

Was I ever addicted to anything but love, really?

It does make the world go round, ya know.

Aristotle was onto something when

he equated the rotation this oblate spheroid

having it’s power come from laughter and joy


Yet everyman wants to be more, not less,

It’s always No, not Yes.


As the music pumps peace through my veins

I smile at these words, not even caring that

life will never be the same.

It will be better. – RSM

We Are, We Are / / /

The Youth of the Nation,

Youth in REvolt,

Why do you think the future

got our HEADS so bloat?

Ed said this, Joe said that,

Bob said Yo, Choi said ‘NAP!’

Dave said “So?”

Soo said “Yum,”


All we’re trying to do is have some fun.


Jose on the block said Oh, to the ye

didn’t do nothin’ to take away his pay.


Christy said “Ew” to the girls with the ciggys

but then she got hit for playing with the biggys.


Billy didn’t know the difference though between

the good kids and ‘you know what I mean?’


Jellybean thought that candy was wack

so he thought it would be quite alright to sell


video games to the boys and girls, so that

he can keep them in a nice, home world


It’s a bit much when you’re in a good school

and little Rubes don’t know that being a


ROCKSTAR isn’t cool. Isn’t it Fresh,

though I’m not an example.


I’m just bad dude who’s done with bad things

like partyin’ crazy and not wearing my Spellman




No different from ’84 is 2014

think about the book if you know what I mean.


Word to Mr. Salinger I’m not a hater

I loved that movie, ‘The Great Debaters’


Starring Denzel and a bunch of SMART KIDS

who didn’t have candy or a track of bad biz


Neither do I,  I was just naive

to believe that being a hippie works.


I’m the weakest link right now but I’m working hard

and pumping iron


Cause at the end of the day, mistakes were made

by everyone at some point or another.


Call me Ruby Love because that’s all I got in my

Speedy Muniz kind of heart, but


to get the enye back floating over my name

I gotta work hard remember that excusas son nada


and do nothing but good things until the work done is gotta.

Spanish guys got infinite moves, too bad noone realizes, boyyy


that Pink FloYd BREAKS down the WALLS cause boundaries

are as illusive as Brandon Boyd.






Behold, a son/valiant/who lives on a hill

/Look up your/full name/on/


You’ll find it.



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