The Fa$t Lane feat. American Flag Pins

Rising to power? Need power to rise?

The only ‘citizens united’ are the oligarchs who got Citizens United passed – google it – so they can do ‘what they do’ wit’ it: 

The geysers of authority are the ol’ white guy-sirs with mad coin,

Way more bank than young crypto dudes enjoy

The highest ups with seniority try to sift the words from the noise

And lend a long ladder through loan letters and grant checks, 

Checking the boxes of their grand plan – 

“Money, power, respect, get you eatin’ right”

With thousand dollar a plate fundraiser catered potlucks on diamond plates;

In shatters and shambles lie the stained glass windows of the process of democracy, a shituation gone archaic,

But the ‘powers that be’ be like “Look, what a beautiful mosaic!” – RSM

An Anti-Racist Rant.

It’s a mystery-the treasure troves of history,

Fistfuls of missing pages blistering with info so interesting,

A road lined with torture and smoking pistols, cover up the real, and lock in the lies

So when something off the main path emerges, our minds ar’lready fried.

We deny what we don’t understand, my third eye has replies to the questions that some citi-zans can’t stand-

question everything, the main narratives are so bland,

Propaganda disguised as historical canon, and it’s all according to the oligarchs’ master planning-

The suffering, erasure of so many cultures in a country that doesn’t look back enough,

You could be in the wrong for your mere existence in the United States if you’re black enough;

The one drop rule, native americans sent to concentration camps rebranded as reservations,

Boarding schools that buried native children- horrific happenings at ‘black sites’ ran by the cops, covertly;

Doing dirty deeds on the down low, human beings ‘disappearing,’

You can’t heal wounds that are still open, untreated,

new cuts emerge while the wealthy recline and dine finely, rolling home with the chauffeur, or joyriding in a new two seater.

‘Lest we forget’ the atrocities, we cannot wipe our memories of the xenophobic cruelness, the collective psychotic ferocity,

nevertheless, as long we remain on this earth, we’re undefeated –

Discúlpame, s’il vous plaît – I just thought about ‘American’ history and got a little heated. – RSM

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