When Anxiety Strikes

Maybe it’s a little too much coffee,

Maybe it’s just that I have to pee
and have been holding it in,

until my work here is done on this particular thing.

Maybe it’s this ‘what if’ that I’m going out of my way to neutralize,

or the way that I’ve always found it so hard to be supervised,

And from here I’m 100 feet deep now,

in the rabbit hole, at least ten levels from the street down

and for all these things that didn’t quite happen, and I went out of my way just in case to prevent them, but



and eventually I breathe;

and climb back up to solid ground and sunlight.

Work-personal-love-family-friends-passions-hobbies-vacation plans-

and it copies itself like a virus,

slithers into my thoughts, paralyzes my hands.

Resetting myself sounds harder than what it takes,

riding the wind of my deep breaths

to make the hostile air swirling below slowly dissipate. – RSM

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