The Fa$t Lane feat. American Flag Pins

Rising to power? Need power to rise?

The only ‘citizens united’ are the oligarchs who got Citizens United passed – google it – so they can do ‘what they do’ wit’ it: 

The geysers of authority are the ol’ white guy-sirs with mad coin,

Way more bank than young crypto dudes enjoy

The highest ups with seniority try to sift the words from the noise

And lend a long ladder through loan letters and grant checks, 

Checking the boxes of their grand plan – 

“Money, power, respect, get you eatin’ right”

With thousand dollar a plate fundraiser catered potlucks on diamond plates;

In shatters and shambles lie the stained glass windows of the process of democracy, a shituation gone archaic,

But the ‘powers that be’ be like “Look, what a beautiful mosaic!” – RSM

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