Taking My Younger Self With Me.

I tried to start writing this a little differently- ‘Breaking up with my problematic, younger self was the hardest’ – but it didn’t fit in the title line of Samsung Notes, so I had to rethink things.

I came up with what you see above, and it makes a lot more sense to me. I can’t ‘break up’ with any part of myself from the past, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I can’t compartmentalize and characterize parts of my life as ‘not-me’ – even though some things from the past aren’t ‘me’ now, they definitely were at some point.

There’s no value in looking back at life and criticizing your former self – that ‘former’ self is still you. Turn that hindsight criticism on its head. Never mind thinking of how much a (insert insult) you were or how embarrassed you feel revisiting a particular moment. Celebrate your ‘phases,’ your regrets. They’ve made you who you are, as you are, right here and now.

These awkward, regrettable, reckless, cringe-worthy times of our lives have gotten us through every present moment of our lives right up to the present.

I try to remember this sentiment and the road in between ‘then’ and now. I try to love and smile at my memories, even of the things I’m not proud of. Who else will learn from your past mistakes, but you? Who else knows your deepest secrets, deepest memories, but you?

Celebrate and love these things. Regrets, grief, always bring sadness. They’re also opportunities to triumph, and turn hard times of the past into strength, by way of honesty, courage, and vulnerability.

Do not shame yourself for having lived a life with mistakes. Love yourself and take your younger self with you, and through your wiser, more seasoned eyes, you can go forward in the world as one. – RSM

As Roots Branch Out..

… the firmly planted plants grow stronger, in all directions –

At their base, the close-knit underground structure grows deeper,

and the young ones up top grow and bloom, blossom and loom over the sunny days,

fully aware of the world around them and its possibilities.

Perhaps the wind will take them somewhere far someday, these seedlings,

off the leaves of the branches of the old, wise tree they’ve grown from.

Perhaps they’ll fall right next to it, the seedlings to their source, and join a skyline of green,

shoulder-to-shoulder, shading the older and younger trees alike.

As many fish in our seas, there are branches and trees,

Forming new forests, while the old ones grow strong;

and they will all rise, fall, and become new again. – RSM