First Fall Out Of School Since 1993

Yup, for the first time  since I was 3 years old I am not enrolled in some form of an educational institution. 20 years of school from Pre-K to undergrad has led me a long way, and now I’m in a weird middle ground that many recent graduates are in in terms of a career and continuing my education and the options that lie in both routes.

My plan is to apply for graduate programs that begin in the Fall of 2014. I’m weighing my options in terms of studying either Spanish or Linguistics for my Masters. I also plan on continuing to play music with the band and writing for CrustNation, as well as finding a job during the day to kill time and make money on the side.

It’s interesting to not be in school while many of my friends still are, be it for their bachelor’s or master’s. If anything I would say it’s sort of like a vacation I don’t want or need, but have anyway. It’s not a bad thing, this time off from school has been a great way to clear my head and evaluate my life and career goals, as well as build experience to strengthen my resume. A creeping sentiment of negativity has been around, however, that time off is time wasted. I guess it depends on how one looks at the situation.

For the first time in my adult life I can enjoy the fall without any obligation to educational endeavors. As you can see I have mixed feelings about it, but ultimately it’s a blessing, as most things are in the end. The hiatus from education is a perfect way to regroup and come back with a vengeance hopefully come next fall. -RSM

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