An Insomniac With A Cause

What a strange world I see.

Even in the waking day

most are half asleep;

At the very least incognizant

of what’s beyond the surface,

sometimes even while walking the streets.

As my waking rate in the last 3 days

sits high on 88 in terms of percentage,

I feel as if reality is bittersweetly blemished

with the notion that I’m dreaming, but I’m not at the moment.

The lines get blurred when my bed stays dormant.

It was with good intention that I lacked getting rest

but even the best karma has its tests.

This unintentional experiment was  so clandescently downplayed

as much as the not so finely printed danger warning states:

To live well, one must be asleep and awake in a moderate, rhythmic and balanced way.

Of course, no plan is foolproof with variables roaming like a gang of free radicals,

so every now and then a late night reflection drags on,

My eyes hurt, my mind’s worse,

and headphones further impair my senses along

with cheap sunglasses aiding in bright light’s deflection.

On top of some things and well behind others

is the current location on my life’s navigation,

yet despite my trip-ulations,

for lack of a better term

I’m happy right now to eat the apple

and not taste the worm.

I always try to do the right thing when I see someone in need.

So tonight ill Stuy in Bed,

and as my head rests in The Bronx

I’ll think of my future Southeast.

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