Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Nine years past, alas, I learned your name on the dance floor,
Vibing the night away, you taught me how to pronounce your name the right way,
And here we are now, our left ring finger’s decorated,
and I’m damn sure that a thousand rainy days won’t wash away our love, that’s for damn sure.

When I make you laugh the sun shines a bit brighter, it seems,
but it was just your smile that I took pleasure in seeing,
and each day is a dream – like I told you this past morning;
I only hoped for a future with you back in the day
and I’m glad you don’t mind me snoring, or find me boring;
You’re my life partner, darling, I love you way past the moon,
Happy Valentine’s Day, 6 months married, and 9 years since you came up to that dancing-in-purple-pants dude. – RSM

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