Keyboard Rapper Vol. 9

I get migraines in the mind-brain

when I think of all the time drains

and rabbit holes I went down trying to rhyme-splain;

my words elevate your thoughts like summadat high grade

as I vibrate this verbal tirade along the internet super skyway;

All the way to the clouds, there’s No Doubt – I don’t speak, I just do it my way,

Sinatra-level classy, but like Mute Spitter from the Rap Battle

I have you wrapped around now without saying a single word out loud;

True story, my vocabulary’s so varied that

Friday reads my shit and gets the Sunday

No cap like MLB salaries, I unlimit my memory and RAM these words through until T-Mobile uncarries me,

I’ll crash your mind’s prom with my mentality, like Carrie, see-

I’m a keyer, not a rapper, my demeanor’s undefeated,

I got your head a universe away, but your body’s still seated,

Melt into your chair when your mind’s done reading

cuz I’m a black belt rhymer, just gave your whole dojo a beating. – RSM

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