As my crooked jaw line clicks into place

I hear the ambient sounds of the air propelled

from my netbook into my eardrums.

I press and switch away on the keyboard

to combat boredom hand-to-hand.

A serenity-ridden, guilt-stripped night

where I have thus far achieved my ultimate goal.

Rewinding time is as impossible as it sounds,

even memories get distorted.

Late is better than not at all to right wrongs

and improve on self-perceived imperfections.

Xes not on my mind for once, seY I’m a mirror

Of what I’m used to being lately; calm, cool,

collected my thoughts and placed them in order.

Does that make me the same? Different?

Was I ever addicted to anything but love, really?

It does make the world go round, ya know.

Aristotle was onto something when

he equated the rotation this oblate spheroid

having it’s power come from laughter and joy


Yet everyman wants to be more, not less,

It’s always No, not Yes.


As the music pumps peace through my veins

I smile at these words, not even caring that

life will never be the same.

It will be better. – RSM

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