Music is My Antidote

An infinite shame hath been cast on my imagination


and that is where it will stay.


Curiosity made the cat ask ‘What’s that’?


but as I now embark on a quest to


Take Back Sunday with fortified Sleep Armor


I find myself the Master of my Domain;


a musically learned Kobra with no need for


a crafty snake charmer.

I have the venom in my veins that could sting so hard


the moon and stars have to shield their word processors


for the intellect about this repaired little canoe is so TRUUU


you’ll wonder, if you’ve done me wrong why I’ve spared you.

A meditative Chinese Snake I am,


forming figure 8s as I shed my old skin,


all the while old memories of being the life of the party


makes my muscles clench like a high flying Hardy


boyyyy you have no idea where I’ve been, how many


blocks I’ve been around, how many towns across the


Atlantic I’ve unleashed my party animal for a swim,


I still didn’t drown.

How playfully ironic Life can be


when you can poke fun at you, yourself and me.


Admitting faults is the name of the game


when you’re rebuilding confidence and keeping yourself sane.

The End never comes until you’ve lost the will


so I’ll sit back, relax and chill


as these words escape my mind at my discretion,


regardless of their affiliation or impression


I forgive trespasses with the expectation of vice versa,


Typing these lightning bolts or writing in cursive,


hitting high notes and being subversive,


Tone is the difference between speaking to los Reyes


and letting the Devil come out, then you’re the ‘True Playa.’

Don’t play the game unless you’ll be a good sport


If you lose, don’t be a sore one at that.


Black, White, Pink, Purple, we’re all from the jungle

so be respectful to all the Cool Cats. – RSM

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